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A bread that is healthy to eat and enjoy all at the same time
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Winnipeg Rye Bread
Winnipeg Rye Bread 680g
Price: $4.25
Organic Spelt Bread
Organic Spelt Bread 450g
Price: $4.50
Sourdough Jalapeno Cheddar
Sourdough Jalapeno Cheddar 800g
Price: $4.99
Multigrain Sandwich Bread
Multigrain Sandwich Bread 900g
Price: $5.25
Bread Filoncini Apple Cranberry
Bread filoncini apple cranberry par baked
List Price: $74.94
Price: $44.96
Unbaked Cinnamon Roll Gourmet Log
A gourmet cinnamon bread roll log for the whole family
List Price: $111.90
Price: $67.14
French Toast Cinnamon Swirl
French toast cinnamon swirl
List Price: $118.22
Price: $70.93
Gourmet Cinnamon Bun Glazed
Gourmet bread cinnamon buns
List Price: $125.46
Price: $75.28
Glazed Cinnamon Bread Roll with Cream Cheese
Cinnamon bread roll with and amazing cream cheese icing
List Price: $131.58
Price: $78.95
Bread Roll Cinnamon Proof And Bake
We did all the work for you... it's proofed...all you have to do is bake it
List Price: $145.40
Price: $87.24
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