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Bar Brownie Triple Chocolate Chuck
Triple Chocolate Brownie...for the avid chocolate lover in your family
List Price: $112.90
Price: $67.74
Brownie Double Chocolate Fudge
Deep dark and delicious is the only way to describe this fudge brownie
List Price: $114.24
Price: $68.54
Granny Smith Apples
Granny Smith Apples crisp, crunchy and delicious
List Price: $116.96
Price: $70.18
French Toast Cinnamon Swirl
French toast cinnamon swirl
List Price: $118.22
Price: $70.93
Unbaked Danish Mini Cinnamon Swirl
An unbaked delight for everyone to enjoy just heat and serve!
List Price: $120.68
Price: $72.41
Gourmet Cinnamon Bun Glazed
Gourmet bread cinnamon buns
List Price: $125.46
Price: $75.28
Tart Shell Vanilla
Vanilla tart shells adding that little bit extra of flavour
List Price: $129.52
Price: $77.71
Glazed Cinnamon Bread Roll with Cream Cheese
Cinnamon bread roll with and amazing cream cheese icing
List Price: $131.58
Price: $78.95
Pastry Puff Block Viennese
Viennese pastry puff frozen. Just thaw and use with your favorite pastry recipe and enjoy!
List Price: $132.48
Price: $79.49
Carnival Cookie Dough Log Pieces
Quick and easy to bake...cut and serve
List Price: $139.06
Price: $83.44
Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chip cookie dough...amazing
List Price: $139.82
Price: $83.89
Dough Cookies Shortbread
Buttery shortbread cookie dough just in time to bake for the Christmas season
List Price: $139.82
Price: $83.89
Cookie Dough Double Chocolate Chip
Double chocolate chip cookie dough what's not to love with more chocolate
List Price: $139.82
Price: $83.89
Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chip cookie dough need we say more
List Price: $139.82
Price: $83.89
Unbaked Hi In the Sky Apple Pie
Hi in the sky apple pie...delicious 10 inch pie...unbaked for you to enjoy the fresh baked smell wafting through yo...
List Price: $142.98
Price: $85.79
Bread Roll Cinnamon Proof And Bake
We did all the work for you... it's proofed...all you have to do is bake it
List Price: $145.40
Price: $87.24
Cheesecake Crème Brule
Cheesecake and crème Brule perfect
List Price: $170.86
Price: $102.52
Pastry Puff Sheet
Pastry puff sheet 10x15 inch perfect size to make Spanakopita with....enjoy
List Price: $175.00
Price: $105.00
Raspberry Puree
Raspberry Puree tart and sweet
List Price: $185.88
Price: $111.53
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