2 Broken Bakers
Bakery Consultants

Our history

Hello there, I’ll do my best to tell you a light version of my journey with baking. I’m keeping it light otherwise we would be here forever. My story starts back when I was a child, I always loved baking and I took that passion with me over the years. I have raised my kids and taught them to bake through the years. Life became hectic for a bit being a single parent and working. I tried a few times while raising my children to open a bakery but life didn’t make it turn out that way, so I put my passion on hold. I was in two car accidents a few years back which caused me to have two discs out in my lower back and problems with my left hip. I’m waiting to have surgery, thus I am a broken baker.

I have recently married and I’m a step-parent, I’m teaching the kids how to bake once again, although, this time it less hands on with them as I am unable to stand for too long. However, it’s always fun for me to bake. My husband suggested that I open a business with him, thus 2 Broken Bakers emerges. I know I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. Now, due to the fact that I can’t lift, bend, stand or sit too long we came up with a concept of hiring a pastry chef to help me so I don’t have to do all the heavy work. Well, through a lot of prayer’s and requests while we were in the process of developing this company we were looking for a bakery big enough to provide the space and equipment needed. We discussed buying a bakery but we thought better of it so we were looking for one to rent for our orders. Well, luck as you would have it, well actually, an answer to my prayers, we met this amazing man.

The funny part of this story is, that this amazing man who was qualified with medals on his walls at the bakery and he’s baked for Second Cup, Starbucks and the Airlines to mention a few of the places he’s worked for. I think he more than qualifies to help me with the baking end of things. But wait, here’s where I started laughing. He asked me why I am laughing as he tells me that he can’t bake anymore because he has two discs out in his lower back that is why he wanted to rent out his bakery. My husband and I started laughing, my husband then said go figure 2 Broken Bakers who love to bake and can’t, hence the name. We thanked him for his time and we said we would be in touch.

As we drove on our way home, we both knew we needed to help this man. So we called him the next day and asked him if we could hired him as a consultant for baking. How could I possibly pass up a man with over 40 years of experience in baking and a career with awards and working with Second Cup, Starbuck and the Airlines! We phoned him and told him we would pay him to rent out the entire bakery, have him be our consultant so he doesn’t have to lift and I don’t have to lift. I know that I have 30 years of experience myself, so the two of us baking together, how much fun would that be. Fantastic I say!! Anyway, after we finished with our call, my husband, the business man behind all this said…why don’ we source out the contracts that we can’t do for ourselves, oh wait, those wonderful kids I mentioned, well they all said they would help with all the heavy work. So I literally became a consultant alongside of my Master Pastry Chef. It’s like it’s too good to be true, a Master Pastry Chef and I are able to go down an amazing journey baking together and my business minded husband helping us. It’s a dream come true, long overdue, but it’s been said good things come to who he waits. Well, that’s how 2 Broken Baker’s began. We are here to help anyone who has a passion to bake but is unable to bake due to an injury, we both totally get it…give us a call and we will do what we can to help, to the best of our abilities.


There is always room for expansion no matter how long you have been in business, there will always be room to grow. We can always use a helping hand in the kitchen, big or small, the job doesn’t matter there is always room for one more person to have fun baking!

Seriously though, you can’t have enough helping hands baking and cleaning along with someone to fill the orders and someone else to deliver all our delectable delights.

So, if you have a passion to bake and don’t know where to start. Give us a call I’m sure there will be a position around here we could find for you to do. A day’s work is never done when you are a baker. There is always prep, cleaning or paperwork somewhere that needs to be done.

Give us a call and let that baking passion inside of you come out and you will be surprised how creative you can be.