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Baked Goods

Frozen or Baked Goods

We understand that it is difficult to find the perfect fit in every bakery, they all seem to have their own style. This can make it challenging when a person is looking for specific baked goods or baked bread. We have put together a concept that is new to the baking sector that we are sure you are going to love. We can provide you with either frozen baked goods so that you may bake the amount of the product at your coffee shop, restaurant or hotel as you may need. As well we offer a fresh array of baked goods that can be brought to your company every morning. All you have to do is provide us with the quantity, date and time you need the product and it will be delivered to your door. What makes us unique is that we tailor the best economic solution that is personalized to your companies’ specific needs, with the most cost effective program made-to-order.


In-House Baking Training

Every person has their individual skills. Some people like to garden, but they are not gardeners…some people like to paint but they are not painters…you can say that to be true with most professions. That is why we offer our In-House Baking Training Program. Along with our frozen product we provide your company with the perfect program that suits your needs. We send a qualified baking specialist to train your staff to bake your product to the exact specifications you require. Along with an up-to-date merchandiser to put your freshly baked product for your customers.

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Programs to Maximize Profit

This program is custom-made to your companies’ specific requests. We provide you with delicious baked goods, frozen or baked daily. If your company chooses to purchase our frozen products we will provide you not only with our In-House Baking Trainer, we will provide the specific oven your company needs to bake our product. As well, we provide your company with the latest style merchandiser to keep your baked goods fresh each day. In order for us to cut the costs for your company, we tailor your prices to what you need with our solution based pricing to maximize your profit! When you bake In-House it is more cost effective for your company and we work the cost to your companies’ specific price point.

Straight from our oven to you

The tantalizing and delicious flavors of sweet, savory and bread…what more needs to be said!

Our Solutions


Providing Baking Solutions

We not only pride ourselves with providing your company with a seamless baking solution for your business; we challenge ourselves to knock it out of the park. With our innovative approach we continually bring you the finest, efficient and cost effective solutions for your exact needs. We work together to provide your company with a price point that is tailored for your specific baking solutions. We have put together four unique programs that are state-of-the-art and we guarantee a perfect baked product every time.


Providing Turnkey In-House Baking

Our corporation has put together a perfect Turnkey In-House Baking Program tailor for small or large quantities. The unique part of this program is the fact that our company will provide frozen or freshly baked goods to be delivered daily. We will provide your company the trainer, convection oven, baking sheets, countertop merchandiser, and frozen cookie dough pucks/pail with scoop. All at an affordable price tailor-made just for you.


Mass Production

We understand that there are coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores or multi-location food chains all require a wholesale company to Mass Produce baked goods with a specific profit in mind. Whether it be cookies, squares, brownies or fresh baked buns, baguettes’ or bread we can provide your corporation with any size of quantity that you may need to order. Whether you are just starting out and need our Turnkey In-House Baking Program or require something a little in the middle ground, we can help you with that as well. As for Mass Quantity for the larger corporations, we have you covered. We can put together any amount of product your company is looking for. The great thing about 2 Broken Bakers is that we can prepare the perfect game plan with the best possible price point that suits your specific budget. Whether you are just starting out, in between growth or mass producing product saving you money is our goal. Our corporation will sit down and work out the precise custom-made order to guarantee we reach the perfect price and profit margin for your company every time.

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